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Society’s Mission

Asia Innovation and Intellectual Property Society is committed to build a practical and efficient platform for communication and cooperation so as to gather Asian professional organizations and experts in the field of intellectual property and to fully utilize their professional advantages and experiences, in order to promote intellectual property services and development in line with modern economic demand; to explore today’s practical difficulties in the practice of intellectual property; and to boost innovation and economic development. Our Society actively works with governments, research institutes and professionals in Hong Kong, China and other regions, in order to help entities specialized in technology innovation and creative design with enhancing intellectual property protection and operation levels; to strengthen exchange and cooperation between intellectual property related organizations and practitioners and to improve their service capability and standard. With the strategic opportunity of One Belt One Road Initiative, our ambition is to raise China’s competiveness in innovation and intellectual property; to promote Hong Kong as an Asian and international intellectual property trading hub; and to foster cooperation and development among intellectual property practitioners in Asia.

Society’s Objectives

  • To promote charitable activities in relation to intellectual property.
  • To support education, training and research interflow in the field of intellectual property.
  • To strengthen communication and cooperation among intellectual property service organizations in Asian countries and regions.
  • To hold talks, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, surveys and other activities, to advertise and promote intellectual property law and to boost innovation capability of society.
  • To encourage and support members of the Society to participate in public services in relation to intellectual property.

AIIPS Structure

Organization Structure


Consultants Prof. Keith Chan
Senior Advisor, Cornerstone Intellectual Property Foundation, Taiwan
Adjunct Professor, Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & IP, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Adjunct Professor, Institute of New Drug Development, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan

Consultants Mr. Alfred Kwok
Co-founder, Int’I IP Commercialization Council HK Chapter
VC and Co-founder, Asia Pacific Cloud Apps Alliance
Founder, Pearl River Delta Chapter, CASPA
Director and founder, Savantas Policy Institute

President Dr. Albert Wai-Kit Chan
Licensed Attorney in New York, New Jersey and Texas
Registered Foreign Lawyer in HK
JD, Columbia University School of Law
Ph.D. in Virology, Baylor College of Medicine, United States of America
Adjunct Professor of Law, The City University of New York Law School
Professor of Practice, PolyU
Founder, USCIPI

Secretary General Mr. Yao Deng
Licensed Attorney in China
Registered Foreign Lawyer in HK
LLM, University of Aberdeen
Visiting Fellow, CityU
Adjunct Professor, Lawyer School of South China Normal University
Director of the IP Committee of Guangdong Province Lawyers Association

Director Mr. William C. W. Lam
HK Solicitor
Admission in England & Wales
China-Appointed Attesting Officer
Bachelor of Social Science, CUHK
Master of Business Administration, CUHK
LLB, University of London
Solicitors’ Final Examination, The College of Law, England

Director Mr. Johnson C. S. Lam
HK Solicitor
Member of International Trade Mark Associations
Member of Hong Kong Institute of Trade Mark Practitioners
Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, HKU
LLM (China Law), CityU & RUC

Academic Committee

Director Prof. Jyh-An Lee
Assistant Professor, CUHK
Associate Professor, NCCU, Taiwan (2012-2014)
Associate Research Fellow, CITI, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2012-2014)
JSD, Stanford Law School
LLM, Harvard Law School

Secretary General Dr. Jia Wang
Teaching Fellow at the Department of Law, Faculty of Business PolyU
External Research Fellow, Singapore Management University
LL.M, University of Aberdeen
Ph.D, University of Stellenbosch



Ordinary member

An individual who is over 21 years old and comply with one of the following conditions may apply as an Ordinary Member

  • A Patent Agent or Trade Mark Agent in any jurisdiction who has been practicing intellectual property laws materially for at least two years.
  • A lawyer who has been practicing the intellectual property laws materially for at least two years in any jurisdiction.
  • A former official of the governmental bodies in relation to the intellectual property in any jurisdiction for at least two years.
  • An individual who has been engaged in the field of technology researches and studies materially in any jurisdiction for at least two years.
  • Who has worked with a Founder Member or Ordinary Member for more than four years materially in any jurisdiction.

How to apply?

Annual fees:
  • USD$200 per person OR
  • USD$300 per corporate (2 ppl only)

Academic member

An individual who is over 21 years old and comply with one of the following conditions may apply as an Academic Member:

  • A scholar, academic or researcher who has been engaging in the field of intellectual property laws and/or science materially for at least four years in any jurisdiction.
  • Who has worked with Academic Member for more than five years materially in any jurisdiction

How to apply?

Annual fees:
  • Complementary

Commercial Associate

  • The one who applies as a Commercial Associate shall be an individual who is over 21 years old or entity in any jurisdiction sharing the same visions of AIIPS and is enthusiastic in joining AIIPS’s activities and functions.

How to apply?

Annual fees:
  • USD$500 per associate

For more information, please check out the official website: All the membership applications will be reviewed by the board of AIIPS within 30 days from the date of application. For the sake of clarity, the date of application shall be the date when AIIPS actually receive both the fully filled in Membership Form and first annual fees.

Admission of membership will be informed in writing to the applicants within 60 days from the date of the application. No reasons will be provided for non-admission of memberships but all monies paid by an unsuccessful applicant will be refunded within reasonable time without interests and with bank charges deducted.

Click here for more information on Rights and Obligations of a Member

For enquiries or detailed information: